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The stubborn and desperate

  • Immerse yourself in soothing warmth and practice restorative yoga to increase your fitness, strength, balance and flexibility.

  • The heat is excellent for your health. Raising your core body temperature while exercising has such a positive impact on your immune system.

  • The penetrating heat reaches deep into your tissue, joints and muscles providing relief and promoting health.




Our Studio

We are a small studio and proud to be the only studio in the Beecroft and surrounding areas offering Bikram Yoga. We are confident that this intelligent sequence of poses, combined with the heat and humidity, will help to bring back natural range of motion to your body as well as create a sense of overall balance and wellbeing.

​We look forward to welcoming you soon

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You are never too old, or too sick to start from scratch once again

The Method

The Bikram Yoga method is a fixed, unchanging sequence of 26 postures practiced, and repeated in sets of two, during 90 minute sessions. To boost the beneficial effects on the body the exercise is performed in a heated room. The practice is designed to increase your heart rate as you stretch and hold poses to build strength and endurance.

Mental health & ageing

This is a challenging practice with an endless lifespan. Liberate yourself from anxiety, depression and mental fatigue through physical movement and stretching.

Yoga is a natural stress reliever, It's a powerful tool to positively influence your emotional and mental outlook in life.

Recommendations & benefits

To stay on top of your physical and mental health, the recommendation is to do 2,5 to 5 hours moderate to high intensity training every week. That is 2 to 3 Bikram Yoga classes a week.

The benefits of establishing a regular exercise routine with this method helps to regulate weight and mood, increase muscle and bone strength, condition the body, and improve mobility and stamina. It maintains and improves blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of, or help to manage, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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  • Follow teacher's instructions, step by step

  • Observe your pose in the mirror, and adjust

  • Hold the pose to build strength and endurance

  • Practice regularly and endure the trials


”I am very grateful to be able to practice Bikram yoga. It is a thorough full body exercise that balances your energy and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and alive. I have been practicing this form of yoga for 13 years and the simple discipline with which we practice, to be in our own space in the present moment doing our best whilst even minded to life’s dualities, well this stays with you beyond the class and creates a healthy approach towards living our best lives.

Thank you Kaz for creating a space where we can practice.


”I love practicing Bikram yoga at S2Y studio in Beecroft. The teachers are welcoming and encouraging.
Practicing in the heat and humidity may sound daunting but with regular practice it has become my ally in achieving results in increased strength, healing and flexibility.


”I joined Set2Yoga about 6 months ago and have to say I have never looked back. I am fitter, stronger and clearer both mentally and physically than I have ever been. The classes are a challenging 90 minutes of 26 postures and each one class is an individual journey of your own self-discovery. Do yourself a massive favour and come along and give it a go. The teachers are welcoming, friendly and encouraging and the classes are just the right size to assist with individual guidance should it be needed. I love my 90mins in the Hot Room - it gives me the confidence to get on with life and all it has to offer.

and every class brings a different you coming back for more


”Kaz and team are so welcoming and supportive. Returning to bikram yoga in this lovely studio has been life changing.

-Christine K

”First Yoga class, this morning @ Set2Yoga, with a small class of 12. The instructor was very good and I enjoyed the 90 hot minutes.

I will be a regular customer. Thank you.

-Nick G

Our Happy Customers