The timing and rhythm of the sequence is optimal for a soft launch into the workout session. It is important to adopt a patient tempo starting with pranayama breathing. The initial breathing exercise sets the tone for the rest of the class. The successive postures elevates the internal body heat to awaken and activate all systems.


All body parts and systems are targeted through the section of standing yoga postures. The pace of progress is set through the effort you invest. Following instructions, you learn what to do, and how to execute all the movements in a safe way. Once you grasp the concept, attention is directed to building strength and endurance, however a little patience is required at first to free tight joints and ligaments, so the focus is also on flexibility and balance.


This section is the essence of the practice. It is where you learn about the term: "Exercise is stretching". Stretch the muscles to gain elasticity. Stretch the joints to improve mobility. Stretch the mind to find space, peace, confidence and joy.





The sequence has three sections to condition the body holistically