Like so many others yoga changed my life. The very first day I walked into the hot room I nearly died! And my first thought was to run, run out of the room and never come back! Instead, I listen to the teacher, took a deep breath, and stayed. After my first class I felt overwhelmed yet amazed that I actually felt so good! So great that I signed up for a 90 day challenge and from there I go as hooked. That was nearly 24 years ago! And since then, I have practiced consistently throughout life’s ups and downs and even my pregnancy.

In 2010 I completed my Bikram Yoga training in the US and have been teaching consistently. The practice and the joy of teaching this therapeutic yoga has been a cornerstone in my life that has transformed me beyond words.

I contracted a muscle disorder in my neck early in 2004 called Tortocollis, it happens to one in every 30,000 people. I had no control of the muscles in my neck. My head would voluntary move left to right uncontrollably.

For years I had no confidence and very low self-esteem. I discovered Bikram yoga in November 2012. Slowly over a period of years my confidence and self-esteem grew. I was scheduled to have an operation, DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation), during that time, however my Neurologist decided against it as the spasms in my neck settled down. It took him a while to realise that it was Bikram Yoga that had such a major effect on my condition.

The heat, the stretching, and biggest of all, the mental discipline which I never had before, completely changed my life.

In becoming a teacher I hope students can find the best version of themselves from within, to create a better life outside of the hot room.

I first tried Bikram yoga in 2013. Then, I wanted to return to yoga after back surgery. I had done various forms of yoga. My then partner (now husband) also wanted to try yoga and had read an article about Bikram yoga. He thought it sounded pretty intense and wanted to give it a go.
We both tried our first class together. I enjoyed the heat, allowing my back to move more easily into the postures. My partner also enjoyed the yoga and we continued practicing long after our intro pass finished.
I attended teacher training in 2014.
Teaching gives me the opportunity to give back to the yoga community, learn more about the yoga through the students and dialogue.

I started Bikram in 2010.

My first class was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. But somehow I returned to hot room the next day and practiced 6 months non-stop. I find myself happy with simple things by yoga.

Makes me realize how blessed we are. Practice is a very individual thing but at the same time I remember many times other people’s energy helped me.

I love the feeling we share, the energy and love.

See you in the hot room :)


Years before I attended my first Bikram Yoga class I did a beginners hatha yoga course for six weeks - one class a week. It was ok, but I decided not to return.

I tried Bikram yoga on advise from a friend. I suffered through my first Bikram class, struggling and delirious halfway through, but I instantly liked it. It was a challenge I could participate in and not feel intimidated. The next day I felt so alive, bright and fresh. I felt clean from the inside. That was so amazing. I had to return for more and continued for many years.

I eventually completed Teacher Training to learn how to share this wonderful sequence with others who may also be seeking a better way to live quality lives. Bikram Yoga never disappoints.



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