What can I expect at my first class?

Your first class is special and memorable for the unique way you experience and interpret the moment. It is perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous and apprehensive about it, but if you walk into the studio with just the essentials - water, mat, towel, comfortable exercise clothing and a willing attitude, nothing else matters. Classes are structured but not uptight. Instructions are given throughout the class to learn what to do and how to do it safely at your own pace. It will be hot; you will sweat a lot and can expect to feel overwhelmed at times. These are normal reactions to the new environment and unfamiliar routine. Stay with it, attempt to complete your first class without leaving the room. Rest when needed and keep on trying.

Do I have to be in great shape to do this?

Modern-day living, work, play, injuries, and illness affect us all in different ways, and can reduce our ability to move our bodies with ease. If you identify with this, or suffer chronic pain as a result, this exercise routine will certainly assist you to combat chronic health conditions and diseases, improve your mood, boost energy, and regulate your weight. All the postures are beginner friendly, meaning you will be able to do the movements, or some of the movements, to a lesser or greater degree, with nobody judging as it’s uniquely different for everyone. Just like you, everyone is struggling through their own challenges. Aim to focus on yourself, appreciate what your body can do in the moment and know that every little attempt, big or small, is progress!

What can I do if I have no tolerance for heat?

It is a huge challenge to start a new exercise routine. The heat is certainly a big consideration, but it is a necessary component for your success in achieving your health goals, whatever it may be, health, fitness, weight loss or toning. The heat induces a biomedical response in your body that is good for you. For new starters, attempt a few postures at a time and rest as much as you need. You can also try doing one set of each posture, and rest during the second set. Pace yourself, slowly build up your practice with patience. Allow yourself between 5 to 10, or even more, classes to acclimatize. Your endurance for the heat will improve and you will gain confidence to progress further. As your physical strength and abilities improve the heat becomes less of a factor to contend with, rather it becomes helpful.

What are the benefits of Bikram Yoga?

Bikram yoga is vigorous exercise including cardiovascular exercises, stretching and strengthening activities for a full body workout in every session. Pro-actively and preventatively maintain your physical health for the assured benefits you will receive in terms of -

  • Your future – Quality of life now and into the future is improved with regular exercise. Two to three sessions a week is recommended. It is a powerful and safe technique that promotes healthy living and helps you maintain an effective, long term fitness routine, making you durable and resilient.

  • Sport enthusiasts – For many, being on the sport field with your team is one of the most enjoyable ways to stay fit. The pleasure is dulled somewhat when you get injured or develop some chronic ailment that won't go away, preventing you from doing the things you love. Yoga is a sensible replacement to still work your body to the max without the strenuous, abrupt movements required in competitive sports. Heating your body up and stretching it back into alignment repeatedly, may even help you to return to the game. Pairing sport and hot yoga is a perfect combo.

  • Mental Health – Hot yoga creates space and freedom in your mind and body. Regular practice conditions the body and the mind to find your centre and grounds you. It’s a practice with an endless lifespan. The balance between mind and body at play is an infinite source of positive inspiration.

  • Work-life – a passive lifestyle, little exercise, hard physical labour, or lots of desk work, greatly impacts the body and posture. Over time unique symptoms present themselves that need constant attention. Here is your opportunity to reverse the effects of chronic pain through your own efforts. Realign your skeletal system through stretches and toning in a heated room. Persistence rewards you with a path back to health and alignment, excellent health and vitality.

What does praxis (πρᾶξις) mean?

Set2Yoga's approach to YOGA- The praxis of safely applying the right amount of force in flexed poses to counteract infirmity and to heal misalignment in the body.

“Praxis (from Ancient Greek) is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realised.”

  • "… is a recurring passage through a cyclical process of experiential learning” – David A Kolb

  • "… a reflection and action directed at the structures to be transformed" – Paulo Freire

  • "… is doing something, and then only afterwards, finding out why you did it" – Tony WiIson

  • "… the philosophy of praxis does not tend to leave the simple in their primitive philosophy of common sense but rather to lead them to a higher conception of life" - Gramsci

Praxis may be described as a form of critical thinking that comprises the combination of reflection and action. It can be viewed as a progression of cognitive and physical actions:

  • Taking the action

  • Considering the impacts of the action

  • Analysing the results of the action by reflecting upon it

  • Altering and revising conceptions and planning following reflection

  • Implementing these plans in further actions