Motivation when you need it


6/15/20232 min read

Our business isn't lip-service. Our sole aim is providing you a safe space and a reliable platform to practice your yoga undisturbed to achieve your goals.

BTW do you have a goal? You should consider adopting one asap as it is a great motivator to stir the "status quo" - good for times when you do not feel like moving a finger, or facing the world.

Here are a few goals up for adoption, you may choose more than one, or add your own:

  • My goal is to strengthen my bones

  • My goal is to build muscle strength

  • My goal is to feel good about myself

  • My goal is to be more flexible

  • My goal is to manage pain

  • My goal is to recover from injury

  • My goal is to overcome depression

  • My goal is to accept myself

  • My goal is to loose weight

  • My goal is to shush my cravings

  • My goal is to build confidence

  • My goal is to build self-esteem

  • My goal is to be brave

  • My goal is to love myself

For new starters, frustration is often the first obstacle you encounter in establishing a sustainable workout routine. It is easy to give up in the early days because good habits are hard to entrench. You can't see the wood for the trees in class because it's all a hot mess. You will be unable to see the benefits and wins at the start, but a little later on you realise that you are making progress. Your goals come to fruition over time. A quick win is not as satisfying. A fad is short-lived.

If you have caved and given up, don't despair. We often repeat life lessons over and over until we finally decide to get out of the groove of self-pity and defeat - an often used strategy to avoid hard work, and a learnt human response to struggles. Get back up, pull up your yoga pants, and get yourself in class. I know you know it's good for you.

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